Sanskrit And Prakrit Transliteration & Transcription

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The Transliteration & Transcription of Sanskrit and Prakrit

The US Library of Congress and the American Library Association transcription scheme for Sanskrit and Prakrit can be found documented on the external link: corresponding ALA-LC romanization page. This transcription system reflects a widespread standard amongst scholars. The transliteration of Sanskrit in fact is fairly close its pronunciation, so there is not a pressing need for a separate transcription system of the sounds of Sanskrit. However, the ALA-LC romanization uses diacritic characters that are often difficult to enter or else not found in some common Latin fonts. (For a complete list of diacritic characters used in Sanskrit and other language transliteration in THL, see our external link: complete diacritic chart.) In addition, the pronunciation of some diacritic marks is not widely known so that only specialists can properly pronounce the Sanskrit words. To date, a standard, easily readable, phonetic transcription of Sanskrit has not been developed. Such a transcription would in fact simply be a simplification of the transliterated form which eliminates diacritic marks by removing the macron indicating long vowels, or converts ś into “sh” and so forth.

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