Week 5

Week 5: The Origins of the Sakya Sect: The Path and the Fruit Esoteric Synthesis & the Intersection of Religion and Clans


This week is the heart of Ronald Davidson's book, which concerns the early formation of the Sakya sect and Khön clan, and the role of the blossoming and domestication of the esoteric yogic system of the "Path and the Fruit" (lamdré, lam 'bras). Thus the week will look at sect formation, socio-religious role of clans, and the way in which perfection phase (dzokrim, rdzogs rim) tantric systems were domesticated and their sociopolitical dimensions.

Required reading

Blue Annals: Fragment #4 (tr. 204-240; PRC 255-294): A Section on New Traditions of Secret Mantra, including the Followers of the Path and the Fruit (Dum bu #4 - gsang sngags gsar ma, lam 'bras rjes 'brang dang bcas pa'i skabs)

Davidson, Tibetan Renaissance

  • Chapter 5: Drokmi- The Doyen of Central Tibetan Translators (205-272)
  • Chapter 7: From Esoteric Lineages to Clan Temples: The Late Eleventh Century (325-376)

Additional Bibliographical Resources

  1. Additional Bibliography - Tibetan/Buddhist studies Week 5
  2. Additional Bibliography - Theoretical Week 5

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