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MMS Photograph Cataloging Manual

Contributor(s): David Germano, David Newman


THL uses its own external link: Media Management System (MMS) to catalog and describe bibliographies, photographs, and audio-video resources in a single integrated system. The first step is to study the Media Management System (MMS) Manual in general, and then consult the other manual specific to the type of resource on which you may be working. This Manual focuses on the use of MMS to catalog and describe photographs. It presumes that you have already consulted the MMS Manual, and thus know how to login and use MMS in general.

Photographs also must be cataloged, classified and described by specialists. This allows for powerful searches across thousands of photographs, and reveals the significance of the content of photographs from various perspectives. MMS has complete online facilities for submitting new photographs, creative new derivative photographs for online publication, and cataloging and classifying the photographs.

Table of Contents

1. Uploading Photograph Files into THL MMS: this explains how to upload photograph files initially to import new photographs into MMS. It is a private-access only page for THL staff. Contributors should contact THL.

2. Cataloging Photographs in THL MMS Through Web Interface: this explains how the MMS interface can be used to catalog photographs in MMS once they have been imported.

3. Cataloging Metadata Offline: people may find it easier to create metadata - caption, photographer, place, etc. - offline in a spreadsheet or commercial image management software.

4. Importation of Image Metadata into MMS: these instructions are only for THL programmers at present, and explain how to do importation of external metadata files, whether from spreadsheets or exports of personal image management software. It is a private-access only page for THL staff. Contributors should contact THL.