Technically Processing Images

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Technically Processing Images

Once images are created, further processing is required for them to be effectively utilized within computers and the Web. This is true even for digital images, but especially so for images shot as negatives or slides originally.

Current Documentation for Processing Images

Legacy Documentation

Image Formats

Wikipedia has a great section on PNG and compares it to JPG compression and GIF applications. Reccomendations on best PNG compression software as well.

Regarding PNG-24 vs PNG-8, if possible please try finding a way to save the PNG images as PNG-8 to speed up downloads. Some of these screencaptures are big (dimensionally) images and it can add up…(file-size kb)

PNG-8 is great for 256 color graphics - Use this please if you can for the screencapture edits.

PNG-24 - only for delicate transparencies and small files with 'shading' effects, which is frankly almost never.

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