Place Names Cited In Blue Annals

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Place Names Cited in the Blue Annals

  1. Place Names ka-kha-ga-nga
  2. Place Names ca-cha-ja-nya
  3. Place Names ta-tha-da-na
  4. Place Names pa-pha-ba-ma
  5. Place Names tsa-tsha-dza-wa
  6. Place Names zha-za-'a-ya
  7. Place Names ra-la-sha-sa-ha-a


The current page provides links to simple tables providing an exhaustive list of place names in the Blue Annals. Each name is given here with name, reference, feature type, and description. The description is intended to only be a brief description of the role of the place in the Blue Annals passages. "Feature type" should be filled out based upon the Feature Thesaurus, which should be supplemented as necessary.

See the Gazetteer Technical Documentation for guidelines to the creation of a structured study of a place.

If you want to make a full sketch, then go to the THDL Place Encyclopedia and make a new WIKI page named with the place's name. Then also use the link to the new WIKI page from the brief entry in these tables by surrounding the Tibetan place name with brackets, and then putting a pipe/vertical line and then the "global name" of the new WIKI page after the pipe. You can get the global name by clicking on the INFO link, and then scrolling down to where it gives the global name of the WIKI page.